Although one of the oldest branding processes, it is still the most popular, fastest and cost effective way of branding. Screen printing is the core branding process of SN Printers.

A variety of screen printing options are being offered. Puff prints, silver & gold shimmer prints, process CMYK prints and index spot colour prints are the different textures we can offer. With our variety of options we can absolutely say with no doubt that we will and can give you the best quality end product individually packed.

Printing is done with all-purpose spot colour plastisol inks, resulting in a full spot colour finish. For high quality and clear defined colours on coloured t-shirts the ideal choice would be to print spot colours. With this option you can print up to 8 spot colours to add better quality to your final product. The benefit of this option is that you get the opportunity to use all textures - Puff Printing, Silver and Gold Shimmer Printing and Process CMYK Printing - to combine a unique final product.

The printing factory can print approximately 1,500 t-shirts per hour on the automated screen printing equipment.

Due to the running costs on the machines, the minimum quantity per design that can be printed is 75 units and the average turnaround time on production is 7 days after artwork approval.